The official name of the Miami Zoo is Miami-Dade Zoological Park and Garden, most commonly known as Zoo Miami. It is an excellent place to spend a day with your family, show your little ones a taste of the outdoors or go on a date. The zoo is massive and provides ample opportunities to learn and interact with nature. 

Miami Zoo

Grand Entrance

Imagine driving through a seemingly never ending line of pine trees right smack in the middle of one Miami’s best known suburbs, Kendall. This zoo is a true hidden gem which houses more than 1,000 species of trees, palms and other plants.  

Miami Zoo

Parking is ample with letter signs to help you find your spot on the way out. It’s not Disney but it does give you the feeling you are entering a magical land.

Once inside you can either head to the ticket stand to purchase your tickets or avoid making the long lines (at times) by making your purchase online and head straight to the entrance where they will be scanned. The adventure has just begun.

Get Ready to Walk?

The miami zoo is massive occupying almost 750 acres. If you enjoy walking you will love it and if you dont you will still! But, don't worry as you don’t have to walk it. 

Alternatives include renting the Safari Cycles which can hold 3 to 5 people. But, if you want to rent the larger ones we recommend you getting there earlier. On our most recent trip, we got there in the afternoon at 2pm and there were all sold out, and they have quite a few. 

Below is a pic of one of the smaller cycles we encountered along the way. Should I just take it? Of course not! Although kind of wanted to.

Zoo Miami Cycle

You can also rent motorized scooters, wheelchairs and strollers if you need.

Want to view the zoo from above? Hop on Zoo Miami’s own air train, Disney anyone? Like we said, this zoo is a true gem with much to do and explore. No doubt you will have fun with your family or friends exploring the zoo and getting to know a bit more of our wonderful world.

Zoo Miami Air Train

Watch out for the Bear!

Can you imagine seeing the Lions sunbathing without a cage hindering your view? Or the tiger walking around with its powerful stroll in front of you cage free providing you a full view to take the most amazing pictures. This is big plus of the miami zoo, it is cage free. Once you visit you will notice there are barely any cages. The animals roam free in their exhibits but don't worry. There is a natural barrier keeping them out of your path! 

Is that a bear? Do I run or play dead!

Zoo Miami Bear

The zoo has just too many attractions and animals to name in a single article. As the picture above proves, you will be able to almost interact with them as you observe them from close by going about their day. 

The Miami Zoo has animals from Asia, Australia, Africa, and the Americas. A broad and diverse mix of species that you and family will enjoy.

You will get to see the snakes from the Amazon from a safe distance or get up close and personal and feed the Giraffes. Insider tip, feed the giraffes and take a few selfies!

A Must for Locals or Tourists in Miami

The miami zoo is one of the best things to do in Miami specially if you have kids or enjoy nature. The zoo is extremely well organized, you can walk in one direction for hours catching a glimpse of nature and the animals around. Your kids will love it and you will have fun and learn something new along the way. Nothing to do this weekend? Head out to the zoo and enjoy a wonderful adventure. Lucky tip, don't let the snake bite you!

Miami Zoo Snake