20,000 Marathon and Half Marathon runners descended upon downtown Miami for the 16th consecutive year since its inaugural run February 2, 2003. Mentally and physically prepared for the grueling 26.2 or 13.1 mile run. To put it in perspective, they ran (or walked) more than your average daily commute.

Miami Weather

Saturday was a rainy day in Miami. Hours passing by and no hint of the sun. Even then, the atmosphere at the Expo was great as thousands of runners picked up their race numbers. Many of them anxious for next day’s race but all enjoying the moment at the MANA Wynwood Convention Center. Wynwood was a fun day Saturday, with local events, restaurants and places to eat. 

As the night approached and the rain continued, most were getting ready for a wet and cold start to the race on Sunday Morning. 

Miami Downtown

The Miami Marathon and Half marathon took of at 6AM at the American Airlines Arena. Strong winds and the continued rain might could have broken down many, but didn’t. The energy at the place was contagious. You didn’t have to be a runner to feel your serotonin levels rise early morning and no coffee in sight.

Thankfully, a few minutes later the rain subsided and we were back to our usual Miami weather. By comparison, Chicago was 1 degrees. Will take the few hours of rain anytime.

Runners made their way throughout Downtown, Brickell, Miami Beach and other parts of Miami Dade County. Family and friends of those running were just as if not more excited than their loved ones as many rushed to find a good place to wait for them and take that perfect shot. 

2019 Miami Marathon

Many Special Moments

These races bring the best out in all of us. Thanks to all the runners which provided inspiration or helped others achieve their goals of finishing this race.

The Miami Marathon brought many moments of joy throughout the day but specially close to the finish line. You could see loved ones holding hands as they were reaching the finish line, grandpas in better shape than their kids rushing to the finish lines. Through the joy there were special moments which made you reflect about the meaning of life. This one, specially, brought tears to our eyes as we watched in amazement at the courage and will to live every moment of this young man. 

 2019 Miami Marathon

With the finish line in sight, he told his companions that he wanted to get off the wheelchair and walk to the finish line. People cheered on as he showed all of us the meaning of life. Thank you.

A Great Day in Miami

All in all, it was a great day. Next year, or next race, we highly encourage you to come with your loved ones to cheer on or run the race yourself. Like we said, the energy catches on and you leave the place feeling as if you can do anything, maybe even run the next marathon yourself. Where better than to run than in Miami!

 Miami Marathon

Congratulations to all!